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Northern United FC is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization.  Our Board consists of dedicated volunteers who work hard to provide our area youth with a high quality soccer program.   Our club would not exist without the help of our dedicated volunteers.  The Board urges all of our soccer families to get involved and volunteer.  Contact any of our Board members  with questions about volunteer opportunities within our club.  Don't wait.....Volunteer today!



I have been a resident of Richmond, IL for 47 years.  I am married to my awesome wife Jennifer and we are blessed with our 4 daughters,; Lauren, Macey, Katelyn and Jordan.  I am a business owner in McHenry and have many ties to the McHenry/Johnsburg/Crystal Lake/Richmond/Spring Grove area.  I have been involved with soccer for over 18 years from coaching to parenting to supporting.  I ran and was part of the travel girls basketball program in Richmond for nearly 17 years.  We are very fortunate to have had children involved and successful in such a wonderful sport such as soccer.  We have been through all the youth, Club, High School and College levels of soccer.  Being President of NUFC is a great honor and something I am very excited about.  I look forward to learning even more from a AWESOME staff and volunteers within the club.  I have a very strong vision of further developing the strong  foundation that currently exists at NUFC.  At NUFC our players are what we are all about.  At all levels of play, we are focused on giving everyone the opportunity to play and enjoy the sport they love!

You can contact me by email at [email protected]


I have lived in Ringwood since 2003 when I moved to the area to become a teacher at Johnsburg Junior High School. My husband and I met coaching soccer at the middle school level. We now have two children who are currently playing for Northern United FC. I am excited to be a part of NUFC and look forward to continuing to provide many opportunities for our young athletes to love the game and improve their skills..

Feel free to contact Erin at [email protected].



I have been a resident of Spring Grove for the last 15 years.  I am married and have 2 children actively  playing for NUFC.  My volunteer experiences have included serving as recreational coach, a licensed travel coach and president of the Richmond Spring Grove Soccer Association. I believe it is important to get involved in the activities that your children love and be a positive role model.  I am excited about the new opportunities that NUFC will bring to our community and our children.!

Feel free to contact Renee at [email protected]



I have lived in the McHenry/Spring Grove area for the last 8 years. My wife and I have 3 wonderful and active children. I have worked with and supported NUFC since its creation. I have coached and assisted youth soccer at both the recreation and the travel level for 4 years. I currently hold various licenses from US Soccer’s Coaching programs. Prior to soccer, I have also been a martial arts instructor in a variety of youth and adult programs. During my military career I spent my time working with and leading host nation forces while working on embedded training teams (ETT’s) during OEF and OIF campaigns. I am extremely excited to be working with and supporting our youth recreation program; where we will strive to instill passion, team work, respect, and love for the game. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or program suggestions.

Feel free to contact Mike at [email protected] 



My wife Pam and I moved to Johnsburg in 2016 with our 3 kids who all play for NUFC.  I have played the game in both my younger days and more recently in my older years. I was a certified referee and am now working towards my coaching certification.  I used to coach my oldest son’s rec teams when he first started playing in our old hometown. I am grateful we found NUFC. I hope to help provide opportunities for kids in the community to play and love the game.  I am excited to see how great we all can make this club for not only the current generation, but future generations as well. I look forward to serving the local soccer community as a board member of NUFC.

You can contact Jason at [email protected].




Open Position, SECRETARY

You can contact at [email protected].



I have been a resident of Johnsburg for 5 years. I have two very active daughters who play for NUFC and love it! Over the past few years, I have organized many NUFC team building, fundraising and sponsorship events. We are always looking for bigger and better ways to make our organization competitive while keeping it fun for the kids!

You can contact Kim at [email protected].