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1.  Does my child have to tryout?

No. Any player meeting the age requirement can join. Registration is required.

2Is my child put on a team?

No. There are no teams. The academy is a pool of players who are potentially interested in travel in the year to come. Taking away the team structure allows for more constructive player development and an atmosphere to progress at your own pace. Players will still play in games but will be divided up on the day into teams based on numbers and how many players the opposition has.


3.  Who is my child’s coach?

All players in the academy will be coached by professional Three LionsInternational coaching staff.

4.  If we participate in the academy program are we guaranteed to make a travel team?

No. Although there are no guarantees, this program is the natural progression for players wanting to compete at the travel level

and we pride ourselves on preparing players for this next step.

5If I sign up for the Academy Program, does my child still participate with their rec team from Fall?

No. The Academy Program is a separate program from the NUFC Recreational program. As a player born in 2011 or 2012, you will choose between the Recreational Program and the Academy Program. You cannot participate in both. If you have already signed up for Rec but are interested in Academy, we can adjust your registration accordingly.

6.  Do we have to travel to games?

Travel will be minimal. Half of the games per season will require travel but only to a neighboring town (Crystal Lake, Cary, Huntley