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Coaches Corner

Thank you to all of our coaches for volunteering to coach our players!  You are invaluable to our organization.  And, by volunteering, you help us to provide a quality soccer program for our area youth.   Your time and volunteerism is greatly appreciated!


View the PDF below for a chart with game details by age level (ball sizes, length of games, # of players, etc.).

New this season for U6/U7 & U8/U9, specifically for games at Fox Ridge park. 

Fox ridge fields have been set up by McHenry Park District! There is not the typical 20 yard build out line that is required by US Soccer. To give teams the chance to play out of the back. To give teams a chance to play out of the back, we have made the following change.

When a goalie gains possession from either a goal kick, stopped/ caught shot, or legally picked up ball, the opposing  players must leave or stay out of the box until the throw or goal kick is completed and a member of the goalies team touches the ball. This Applies to play within in the  GOALIES OWN HALF of the field. If a goalie throws or kicks the ball across the half field line either team can now play the ball. 

This rule is designed to encourage possession, passing, and to mitigate blow outs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike Bundy for clarification. Coaches, please keep in mind, some of our junior refs may not be as well versed on the build out line rules, please work together to ensure everyone is doing their best to comply with this update. Thanks! 

Help Keep Our Fields Looking Great!

Hey NUFC Coaches! Please help NUFC keep our felids looking great. During the rainy days please be aware of how the fields are holding up. If the goal boxes and fields are torn up, the park districts will not fix them. It's on us to keep our game fields playable. Any green open space can be used for practices in the event the fields are wet or getting over used.  Thanks for your help!

Guest Player Policy

New this season are some updated rules for Recreational Soccer and the use of guest players. These rules are put in place to promote fair play, equal play time, and team growth! These rules govern U6-U14 and include competition within NUFC inter-league play, NRSL, and the  Spring Lauren Miller tournament across all seasons (Spring, Fall, Indoor).   NUFC appreciates both the coaches and parents support in this.

No guest player or player sharing is allowed under any circumstance. During inter-league play (nufc team vs nufc team) if one team is short, coaches may lend and barrow players from the opposing team of that game only.  

During competition play in NRLS, if your team is short players you are welcome to ask the opposing coach to also play with less players on the field. Keep in mind they are under no obligation to do so. 

During the Spring Lauren Miller Tournament, all teams must compete with the team team they are assigned to. Even if a team is eliminated, those players will be ineligible to compete on a team that is still in the competition. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification for that game or tournament and an automatic loss for the offending team.

If you notice any team not adhering to this policy please reach out directly to the Director of Rec and the NUFC President.  Thank you!


There shall be NO intentional headers in games per new rules by USYS.   Any player on a U11 team or younger is not allowed to intentionally head the ball.  If an intentional header takes place, the referee will blow the whistle and issue an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the point of infraction.


Schedules for ALL teams should appear on each team's "Team Page" calendar.

Team schedules will be available on your team page once the teams are built and published. Game schedules for the U10+ games will be updated once released by NRSL


During the season, you may find that you are short players for a game, or would like to scrimmage another team, etc.  If you would like to contact another NUFC Recreational coach, click HERE for a list of coaches and their contact information.  You must be logged into your NUFC account to view this list, however.

Under "Helpful Links" you will find information to help you in planning practices and coaching your players.  If you have suggestions regarding what else we can include on this page, please email Thank you again for volunteering to coach.   Have a great season everyone!